Friday, May 8, 2015

Stamp N Storage

     I love this company and I just got my Summer 2015 catalog in the mail and I am in love.

There is wonderful storage that they do and the craft space they have posted on the front of

the catalog would be a dream come true.  I love the paper storage and how it all comes together

and I love the way it looks so nice when everything has a home.  Discount code "Catalog15"

can save you 15% through 5/13/15 but it can not be used on the package deals, the roll top

desk and the scratch and dent items as well.

     They have on their web site a program called "Studio Designer" that will allow you to create

and plan out your future studio so you will know what you are able to do, how it will look and

them you can print it out and go shopping.

The link for this is below so go check it out and see what you think.

     Another part of their web site that I didn't know is they have a section for reduced priced

items that are one of a kind or dented items.  Like any other item that has some form of dent

or nick taken out or something that is slightly off about the product is first come first served

motto.  This section gives you a slight discount on the price but if you are on a budget and

need to save some money go check it out.

     This company is worth checking out if you love to have everything stored away and everything

looking nice create your ultimate dream craft space.

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